With the business world exploding and going digital, maintaining a positive, trustworthy
and professional presence online and especially with the search engines is something
you just cannot find your way around.

Getting 5-star reviews of your business anywhere on the internet is great for your
business, but getting a ton of that on Google is a game changer all on its own.
If you think that getting reviews on social media platforms and other platforms (minus
search engine platforms} are of significant impact on your business, then you would be
stunned at the level of high impact boost that Google five-star review would give your

Below are just a few ways in which Google five star reviews can impact your business:

Increases brand trust and builds great customer relationship

With each 5 star Google rating and review you get on your business from a satisfied
customer or client after doing business with your brand, you add one more building
block that strengthens the foundation of the trust between your brand and
present/future clients. People tend to trust a business with very positive reviews than
one with little or none at all.

Provides business improvement Feedback

With each review your business receives, five stars or less, you are given an opportunity
to learn what you are doing great which tells you what to keep doing and what isn’t
working so great which lets you know what to fix

Increases targeted SEO

Five-star Google reviews add to your targeted SEO efforts. With every five stars you get,
the search engine bots which are always on high alert to put out only the most qualified
businesses in front of potential clients will still suggest your business more to whoever
is looking

Increased website visits

Without an increasing number in the website visits you get, getting new customers for
your business is almost impossible. a business with a good amount of Google five-star
ratings and reviews has a higher chance of pulling in that high click-through rate which
ultimately gives you the opportunity to convert these visitors to customers.

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