Written by Morgan Clark on March 27, 2018

Businesses must be ready to embrace a paradigm shift in the way advertising functions in this day and age. Technological advancements have seen a transformation in the way marketing is done, becoming the new power drivers behind digital sales automation vehicles. And these new methods are actually yielding phenomenal results and sales in banner advertising.
In this article, you and I will look at what methods the world of sales is drifting away from. We will also look at what is being preferred by internet users today which influences what is being embraced among businesses and advertising firms.
Old School Meets New School
Back in the day, business owners and marketing managers relied solely on face-time methods for their marketing campaigns. Those “old-school” methods include:
• Cold calling;
• Direct mail;
• Door-to-door salesmanship;
• Face-time interactions at outings.
And these methods worked because they were based on the principle of real human connection and engagement. These apparently prehistoric methods worked at the time, and they still work today because……well, you buy from who you see and like and trust, right? Of course, and that principle forever holds true in marketing today.
However, these methods can no longer work in isolation in today’s digitally inclined world because they demand a colossal investment of energy and time and cannot bring you the kind of reach that stretches across numerous geographical locations in quick time.
To choose these archaic methods over CRM software and banner advertising is to choose to let your business spiral downwards and fail woefully.
Types Of Display Advertising Solutions
Besides being a way to create brand awareness, display advertising is also an lucrative lead generation tool that comes in different formats. An understanding of the types of display advertising solutions available and which type to use for the market you seek to reach is the key to driving visits to your website and closing deals on sales. Here are types of display advertising solutions every business should be using.
1. Retargeting
Remember those situations where you were on a website and saw a banner advertising something that had no relation with the website you were on but was interesting enough to make you click on the banner and go see what’s going on that other website? That redirecting uses a technique called retargeting or remarketing.
Up to 97% of people who visit your website or who perform a search query on your business keywords on search engines may not return to that website. But studies show that up to 70% of past visitors to your website are more likely to return and make purchases on your website if they are made to continue to see your brand wherever they go on the web.
With the retargeting ads technique, my company retargets responsibly and goes a-fishing for your past visitors. I can track and follow 100% of your target consumers and market to them around the web for up to 90 days or until they buy. This ensures that none of the traffic that flows to your website is neglected to waste or frolic elsewhere, and you will see a great increase in ROI.
2. Contextual Targeting
As Gary Vaynerchuk would say, “Content is king, but context is god”.
The correct order for creating relevant content in banner ads for your business is from context to content, building content from context. This is how you reach people based on interests, and this kind of reach promotes engagement, trust and loyalty to your brand.
When you create your banner ads that way, this will make your targeting specific to a certain refined category of seekers. You will be showing relevant ads and these should be placed in strategic positions on the web page or in the app. Not only that, you can perform a search query using those keywords to find relevant websites that you can display your ads on.

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